Snapfax - Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore

(This functionality is currently applicable to Android version only)

With the "Backup and Restore" feature, you can backup your Snapfax data to your Google Drive, so that you can restore the data in case of resetting the phone or migrating to a new phone

How to enable "Backup and Restore" ?

From the "Settings" page, choose "Backup and Restore".
From the "Backup and Restore" page, choose "Backup to Google Drive".
Choose your Google account and then press "OK".
Press "Allow" to grant the permissions requested by Snapfax.
The "Backup and Restore" function is now enabled.

How to Perform Backup?

From the "Backup and Restore" page, choose "Backup".
Press "OK" to backup now.
Backup completed.

How to Perform Restore?

From the "Backup and Restore" page, choose "Restore".
Select a backup file to restore.
Press "OK" to restore now.