Snapfax FAQ

  1. Are there any free fax credits included with Snapfax, so I can trial the app?
  2. Yes. 1 free credit is included.
  3. Which countries can I send faxes to using Snapfax?
  4. Snapfax can fax to 81 countries, click here for more details.
  5. How many credits are required for faxing?
  6. Please refer to the rate table for more details.
  7. What is the procedure to buy fax pages?
  8. In Snapfax App >> Tap in the bottom left corner >> Purchase fax credits via Google Play / Apple App Store / Microsoft App Store.
    Click here to purchase online.
  9. Will purchased Fax Credits ever expire?
  10. Purchased fax credits will never expire.
  11. Can I share the fax credits with other devices?
  12. Yes, you can share fax credits with other devices by signing in with Apple/Google.
    Go to Snapfax setting page and select Sign-in option. Devices will see the same fax credits amount if they sign in with the same account.

    Note: Sign-in feature is not available in classic Snapfax for Mac (user ID M-XXXXXXXX-XXX). You should download the new version of Snapfax for Mac (Link) instead.

    Alternatively, you can use the "Transfer Credits" function to transfer your paid credit to your other devices. Supported transfer methods are as follows:
    Open the Snapfax App on the device that has purchased fax credits >> Tap the menu in the upper left corner >> Tap "Credit Transfer" >> Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer credits to other devices.
  13. Where can I find my Snapfax User ID?
  14. In the Snapax App >> Tap the menu in the upper left corner >> Setting >> Snapfax User ID
  15. Why do I need to enter an email address in Snapfax App Settings?
  16. The email address is used to restore your Snapfax account balance. If you have changed your mobile phone and want to restore your Snapfax balance to the new mobile phone, we will use this email address to verify that you are the rightful owner of the Snapfax account.
  17. How to backup your Snapfax fax records?
  18. For iOS (13 or above) users, you can turn on “Use iCloud” option. Your fax data will be synchronised to iCloud. When you install Snapfax on a new device, fax data will be downloaded from iCloud automatically.

    For Android users, please refer to "Backup And Restore" for more details.
  19. How can purchased fax credits be restored, if you have changed mobile phones?
  20. You may use one of the methods below:
    ( Method 1. ) On your new device, sign in with the same Apple/Google account.
    ( Method 2. ) Open the Snapfax App on the device that has purchased fax credits >> Tap the menu in the upper left corner >> Tap "Credit Transfer" >> follow the on-screen instructions to transfer credits to your new mobile phone.
    ( Method 3. ) Use the "Backup and Restore" function.
    ( Method 4. ) Contact our support team:
  21. Will fax credits still be deducted if a fax fails to send?
  22. If fax sent results in transmission failure, the deducted paid credits will be credited back to your balance.
  23. Can the fax recipient see a sender's mobile number anywhere on the received fax?
  24. No.
  25. Can the recipient see sender's name?
  26. If you want to display your name on the fax header, enter your name in "Snapfax App >> Menu in the upper left corner >> Setting >> Your Name".
  27. Can I use Snapfax when I am out of town?
  28. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can use Snapfax to send faxes no matter if you are in town or travelling overseas.
  29. Are there any IDD charges involved if I use Snapfax out of town?
  30. No.
  31. Can Snapfax receive faxes?
  32. Yes, our monthly plan provides the capability receiving faxes, click here for more details.
  33. Are there any confidential/privacy statements for Snapfax?
  34. We respect the importance of privacy and confidentiality. All fax information will only be used for fax transmission purposes. We will not use it for promotional purposes or share the information with a third party. We DO NOT keep a copy of your faxes. All fax content will be deleted/destroyed upon successful completion of the fax transmission.